The University of the Pacific implemented a fully integrated RFID platform to enhance and streamline the entire homecoming experience for the University’s alumni that were in attendance.

Different Alumni Events

The Experience

Homecoming is both an exciting and every important time for Universities and their communities. Each fall, every University strives to create the best possible experience for all during the homecoming celebrations. The University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA wanted to do just that for Homecoming 2017, and brought on CrowdSync Technology to help with the process.

The University's major focus were the 2,000 alumni that were going to be in attendance, and CrowdSync Technology helped create and implement a platform that both streamlined and enhanced the entire alumni Homecoming experience. Attendees registered via a custom registration platform, and given an RFID - enabled LED Lanyard which was unique to them and carried all registration data. Attendees were given access to the events they had signed up for by scanning at each event, and could even be given prizes based on how involved they were and how many vendor booths they scanned at.

After the event, the University received valuable data about how the alumni experienced the event, allowing for continuous improvement of Homecoming.