MLS Playoffs – NYCFC and AT&T

NYCFC and AT&T put on a special show during their 2017 playoff push with 15,000 CrowdSync LED Wristbands


The Experience

New York City's MLS team NYCFC continued their playoff push on November 5th, 2017 at the legendary Yankee Stadium facing off against the NY Red Bulls.

The crowd energy is one of the most important elements of a team, and the right energy can help propel a team to an exciting victory. NYCFC wanted to create the most exciting environment possible in the stadium for the game, and brought in CrowdSync Technology to help electrify the stadium.

15,000 CrowdSync LED Wristband branded with both the logos of NYCFC and the main sponsor, AT&T, provided an exciting element to the in-game productions and an awesome sponsorship activation for AT&T.