CrowdSync F.A.Q.

Everything you need to know about CrowdSync Wireless LED Technology. For any additional questions, contact us.

What is CrowdSync?

CrowdSync is a technology platform and event production company based in Los Angeles. We specialize in wirelessly controlled LED fan interaction products. We can virtually design, create, light up, and blow audiences away with any LED products you can imagine!

How Does It Work?

CrowdSync has developed its own wirelessly controlled technology. We are capable of operating and controlling thousands of ‘CrowdSync’ equipped products lighting up in synchrony for any event. Whether its twenty thousand wristbands for each show of an arena tour, or hundreds of inflatable beach balls being launched during a festival headlining set.

  • How does the technology work?
    • CrowdSync products respond to our proprietary transmitters, which will allow you full control of every CrowdSync product in range.
  • Will CrowdSync provide all necessary materials and technology?
    • CrowdSync will send everything you will need to light up your event, including all necessary equipment required to do so.  A member of CrowdSync’s production team will coordinate with you before the event to make sure your order contains the correct product and equipment for your specific event.
  • How will we receive the products and equipment?
    • You will receive your products and equipment in separate shipments.  All wearable products are for purchased, and all event lighting and controlling equipment is rented.  Any rental of products or controlling equipment will pertain to the rental agreement received upon placing an order, and will include return shipping documents that will send everything back to our office
  • How is the transmitter used for manual control?
    • The transmitter controls the LED’s via industry standard DMX control, and you may use either a standard lighting console or computer software.
  • Do you need a lighting console or experienced A/V to use CrowdSync products?
    • Our laptop control system is very user-friendly and requires no prior experience with lighting!  Simply plug the transmitter into the laptop we provide, and the point-and-click software allows anybody easy, full control.
  • Is Wi-Fi needed to use the laptop system?
    • Controlling the products via the Laptop Control System requires no Wi-Fi, only power for the transmitter.
  • Can an A/V team integrate and map to an existing show and console?
    • CrowdSync’s transmitter will connect to any industry standard lighting console via a 3 prong DMX connection, and the transmitter will act as its own fixture controlling every CrowdSync product in range.
  • What is the range of the transmitter, and how many products can it control at once?
    • CrowdSync’s transmitter works up to a quarter of a mile, and there is no limit to the number of wearables/lights that it can control as long as they are all in range.
  • What frequency does the transmitter use?
    • CrowdSync’s transmitter uses the 433 mhz frequency to control all wearables, and 2.4 ghz to control event lighting.
  • Will the transmitter respond to music/audio?
    • Control is live and manual, so in order to achieve the absolute best effects it is ideal to have somebody controlling the products at the event.



Who is CrowdSync?

CrowdSync was formed by a mixture of entertainment, production and touring industry veterans. The vision is to reach a new level of fan experience and interaction to todays’ growing live event marketplace. The CrowdSync team has much experience working with concerts, special events and festivals all around the world working with some of the biggest names in the music industry.

How Long do CrowdSync Wristbands Last?

Wristband batteries will last for over 1 week with lighting up for up to 12 continuous hours!

How Many Color Options Are The Wristbands Capable Of?

Our CrowdSync wristbands are capable of 15 color options. We can pulsate through all color combinations or even mix and match colors specific to your event!

How Are The Wristbands Controlled?

All CrowdSync products operate through DMX control- the lighting industry’s standard control protocol.

We generally offer two options of control. The first being an iPad preloaded with our specialized DMX control software which makes it easy for plug-and-play events. Our Sound Activated mode will automatically light up wristbands to the beat of the music.

For large scale events, festivals, and tours we can work with your lighting director to patch into their DMX boards or send one our CrowdSync lighting staff to run the lighting for your event.

How Many Wristbands Can Be Handled at an Event?

CrowSync is capable of providing wristbands for even the biggest music festivals and events in the world, upwards of 100,000 wristbands can be controlled together by utilizing various control points and frequencies throughout and event.

Are you able to put CrowdSync wireless LEDs in products other than wristbands?

Yes! We can custom design and build custom products and wearables containing our wireless lighting tech in virtually anything imaginable! Feel free to reach out to us with design ideas or help brainstorming!

Whats the best way to have CrowdSync light up my next event?

You can get a free event quote here, or reach out directly to our Business Development specialist Lawrence Helfant at or via phone at 1(929)207-3904.