CrowdSync Technology’s RFID Event Platform

West Virginia University and Coca-Cola organized the annual FoodFest, a perfect combination of food and music to start the new school year.

CrowdSync Technology was brought on to help create the best possible experience for the organizers, vendors and the attendees. Registered students were each given a wristband that is uniquely identifiable with the particular student, and this wristband allowed the students smooth and quick access to the event.  Each wristband also included a meal credit, which was redeemable at one of the 17 food trucks on-site.  Students were even able to load cash onto their wristbands for additional food purchases!

The overall event experience was stress-free for everyone, for the students who could spend more time enjoying the event rather than waiting in lines, to the organizers and vendors who enjoyed registration data and payment processes in a comprehensive and consolidated platform.

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