Social Distancing LED Wristbands

Crowdsync is now bringing you a more safe way to engage at events, while encouraging social distancing and social awareness.

About CrowdSync

CrowdSync Technology provides innovative products for artists, brands, sports teams & events that drive fan experiences, creates stellar production moments, and helps create unforgettable events.


CrowdSync SafeBand

The SafeBand uses selective LED colors to indicate one’s comfort level when at a social or corporate event.



CrowdSync Safe Bands are the perfect solution for social events, conferences, corporate events, concerts, and anyone looking to bring back events in a safe & responsible way!


Are available for social gatherings
and events of all sizes from
100 to 100,000

CrowdSync SafeBand’s

CrowdSync is proud to support & help all events get back in a post Covid-19 world.

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