Illenium Kicks Off his Tour at Allegiant Stadium with LED Wristbands

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Illenium kicked off his tour with an amazing performance at Allegiant stadium with over 30 thousand in attendance and over 30k wristbands in sight.

The wristbands lit up in unison with his show! Displaying beautiful colors throughout the stadium making for a breathtaking experience for the fans and all in attendance.

Allegiant stadium complimented our wristbands perfectly. A full view of the bleachers and the bowl set up a perfect light show.

Our wristbands were in sync with the whole production, matching up perfectly and creating an unforgettable experience and a great way to kick off allegiant stadiums debut. The home of the Las Vegas Raiders saw their first big event ever, and CrowdSync was there to make it beautiful.

Check us out in action!

Who’s Talking About Us?

“Native son 3lau got bodies in motion early, as the crowd — glowing like mobile lava lamps in illuminated Illenium bracelets handed out at the door — files in, dancing in the aisles and the long, winding merch lines. The music was synced with the audience’s wristbands, resulting in shifting shades of color illuminating the stadium en masse.”

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By the time the audience’s LED wristbands are glowing as one, and the colorful bunting is unfurled, all peace signs and tree frogs and environmental consciousness imagery, you’re either genuinely uplifted or developing lactose intolerance from the cheesiness of it all.”

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On the arena floor, which was a full pit with no seats, thousands of fans danced and flailed as their LED light-up wristbands blinked in blues, reds and greens to the beat.”

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