Artist Platform

CrowdSync the industry leader in LED Wristband Technology now offers an all new approach to lighting up Artist Tours, creating a unique fan experience & driving additional revenue for the Artist.
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Who It’s For

The CrowdSync Artist Platform is perfect for Artists & Tours of all sizes ranging from 500 cap rooms to Arenas & Stadiums.

How It Works

CrowdSync will design a Tour or Artist Specific LED Wristband which fans can purchase as they checkout for their tour tickets as an ‘Add On’ item. In addition wristbands can be purchased on-site just like your merch.

CrowdSync will integrate with your tour ticketing program or build a tour specific mobile site for fans to purchase wristbands for their selected show.

On showday fans simply come to the CrowdSync table to pickup or purchase their wristband.

CrowdSync will fully staff the tour providing an easy and frictionless way to light up your fans.

Creating Fan Experiences

LIGHT UP every fan in the venue with a custom and fully controllable LED wristband.

CrowdSync Technology’s control interface will integrate seamlessly with industry standard DMX lighting control to put full control over the crowd experience in your hands.

“The crowd appreciates it because it makes them feel a part of the show – Kygo”

Revenue Generating:

Wristbands can be set for sale for $5 to $10+ 

CrowdSync retains the first $4 from each Wristband sold, with a 50/50 revenue split with the Artist after.

*Any promoter/venue fees will be deducted off the top before revenue split.