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CrowdHealth was launched by CrowdSync Technology in March of 2020 as the world prepared to quarantine. Since then we have helped hundreds of organizations, municipalities, businesses, hospitals, and schools across the United States by delivering millions of personal protective equipment products quickly and efficiently.

We saw that the events world was quickly going to zero, so we pivoted our entire company to sourcing and running logistics on bringing in PPE (Personal protective equipment) in the early days of covid, March, and April especially. Using our partners in Asia to bring in equipment, fighting through huge logistical shutdowns in order to get quality products in for those that needed it.

Founder, Duncan Abdelnour

Connecting Crowdsync to Crowdhealth is very seamless. From the social distancing safe lanyards/safe bands to LED Face Masks, we have been able to connect our Crowdsync products to the core CrowdHealth initiatives.

Check out our “Improving The Safety And Experience Of Your Corporate Event During A Pandemicguide here.

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