CrowdSync Technology offers an innovative event technology platform which helps brands maximize event data, resulting in more effective activations and experiences.

Seamless Attendee Registration

Access Control System

Social Activations for your Brand


Improve attendee experience by streamlining registration and event flow

Real time insights about how attendees experience your Event

Strengthen brand awareness and social following through unique social activations


Attendees will register using a registration page that is custom to your event.

Attendees experience a streamlined and convenient registration process, and you collect data based on the metrics you feel are most important to enhancing your overall event experience.

Each CrowdSync LED Wristband and Lanyard will have a unique RFID tag inserted into each. 

Attendees will be prompted to scan, which will activated their wristband or lanyard as their full event pass complete with their information and ticket.  

Access Control

Turn CrowdSync wristbands into interactive and unique event tickets!

Wristbands can be used to scan in and out of events allowing for seamless access control.

Utilizing RFID technology, each wristband is given a unique ID number corresponding with every ticket holder.

We can also work with your existing ticketing company for a hassle free integration.

Social Activation

Socially Activate wristbands by enabling attendees to register and link their wristband to their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

Once socially activated, wristbands can be used for:

  • Registration Data Capture
  • Photo Booths & Tagging stations
  • Mobile Photo capture
  • “Like” stations
  • Scan-To-Win stations
  • Attendee tracking and analytics

Cashless Payment

Cashless is the new direction for large scale events. Account for each and every transaction.

Attendees are able to load money on their RFID CrowdSync wristband allowing for seamless and quick payments.

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